Aims and Objectives

Solsken Limited is a family run Health & Social Care provider. Over the recent years we have observed a need for a bespoke community service for individuals who require complex care or respite. To fulfill this need, we have formed a team of experienced professionals who will offer new, effective and innovative methods to keep individuals safe, cared for and protected within the community. We intend to provide a well led, responsive service with professionals who understand the importance of person centered care and support.  

We aim to:

  • Provide safe and effective complex care to individuals with long term health conditions.
  • Provide respite services to families and carers of individuals.
  • Promote independence, empowerment and enablement where appropriate, to all the individuals we support.
  • Deliver a tailored service based upon individual’s needs, choices, preferences and aspirations.
  • Involve our clients in all aspects of their care, hence aiding as much or as little control over their own package as they desire and how they wish for their care to be delivered.
  • Recognise that each client is unique and must be treated as an individual. Maintaining their dignity and respect at all times.
  • Maintain confidentiality by safeguarding all individual’s personal information and records, whether client or staff.
  • Work in partnership with families, carers, staff, health professionals, all stakeholders and agencies involved.
  • Safeguard people from all types of harm and abuse.
  • Deliver care in a manner which respects, understands and takes in to account, individual’s religious and cultural needs
  • Deliver care whilst maintaining consistency and continuity of care.

Our Objectives

  • Ensure all staff have the skills, knowledge and experience needed to competently care for all individuals we support. All staff shall receive training specific to the client’s care needs by a qualified health care professional.
  • We will ensure that our clients are aware of their choices, and encourage expression of opinion, personality and individuality.
  • We will recruit and train a dedicated personalised team of carers for each care package according to the client’s needs, preferences, hobbies and interests.
  • We will actively involve the client in the assessment process
  • Encouraging clients to take as much or as little control over their care package. E.g. involvement in recruitment, interviews, shortlisting, shift patterns etc.
  • Promoting independence by ‘doing with’ rather than ‘doing for’ where possible.
  • Ensuring that each individual’s particular needs, preferences and wishes are acknowledged and respected when delivering care, by ensuring a robust recruitment process.  Screening and recruiting carers who are genuinely compassionate and respectful to others despite of difference of lifestyle or choices.
  • Mandatory training for all staff in equality and diversity to promote understanding of different cultures and religions.
  • Adhering to the Data Protection Act 1998 by securing all personnel and client records in our secure password protected filing system (PEOPLE PLANNER). Disposing of sensitive documents in the appropriate manner, training staff on data protection, confidentiality and its importance.
  • Having a multidisciplinary approach by maintaining effective communication and liaison with all parties involved in the individual’s care.
  • Training our staff in all aspects of safeguarding adults and children from harm and abuse. Encouraging the reporting, documenting and supporting of staff through whistleblowing procedure
  • Promoting transparency and duty of candour. Ensuring clear signposting of our complaints procedures. Hence should a client wish to complain, the process will be made as simple, accessible and straight forward as possible.
  • Having robust contingency plans to ensure continuity of care. By having a dedicated team for each package of care, we will ensure consistency of staff, building of rapport, trust and great working relationships. This will improve the likelihood of achieving the desired outcomes and enhance the individual’s motivation.